Casework Advantages

SSI Casework is produced to standard details, sections, and sizes which can be integrated into almost any project.

SSI Casework allows the architect or designer the use of our quality designed casework providing high quality storage with design flexibility.


1. Consistent appearance: The wide use of modular casework products on a project gives a consistent appearance due to the standardization of materials and construction methods.

2. Functional flexibility: The use of modular components facilitates changes in function; cabinets can be re-arranged at a later date if necessary. It also helps meet demanding deadlines and expedites construction.

3. Designs for specific institutional needs: SSI Casework can be modified to incorporate designs that address specific cabinet functions and specific internal dimensions to meet identified institutional needs.

4. Economies of standardized production: High quality and increased productivity are achieved through standardization of materials and details using production techniques which incorporate computer technology with precision equipment.

5. Pre-engineered hardware: By using specially researched and tested heavy-duty hardware, modular casework identifies and meets the requirements of institutional and commercial projects.

6. Serviceability: Use of high-quality factory finished materials reduces maintenance during the life of the installation. Matching of replacement parts of complete cabinets is assured should the need arise due to damage or additions.

7. Ease of installation: The SSI Casework concept lends itself to standardized and economic installation techniques.